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COVID-19 Procedures & Best Management Practices

The danger of exposure to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 exists. The Forest Oaks Swim and Racquet Club and Forest Oaks Swim Team cannot guarantee your safety and assumes no responsibility for any illness which may be connected with your use of this facility.

  • Use of this facility is at your own risk, and you must take safety precautions.
  • Based on current CDC guidelines and the State of Texas Executive Order GA-34, relating to the removal of the statewide mask mandate, the Forest Oaks Swim and Racquet Club does not require the use of masks or other face coverings at this facility. In addition, the facility does not require its members or guests to maintain any social distancing measures.

FOST has reviewed the NWAL COVID-19 Recommendations to Return to Competition and will implement certain best management practices as noted below:

COVID Point Of Contact

Our team NWAL rep, Brian Mehok, and Board Secretary, Candace Sanders, will be acting as our team's COVID Point of Contact (COVID POC) to respond any questions from the membership related to these COVID recommendations for practice and dual meets, and to ensure that our team is following them. Brian will also keep us updated with all the prevailing recommendations from the CDC, Harris County and NWAL.

For Practice

Coaches (at their discretion) will be wearing masks on deck and support any swimmers that request to wear one on the pool deck and not in the pool.

Special traffic patterns to enter and exit the pool, for basic drills, pace training and dive starts will be implemented to maintain social distancing.

Should in-water instruction be required, coaches and/or volunteers will wear masks at their discretion.

As per our normal rules, parents are not allowed on the pool deck.

For Home Meets

The use of masks on and off the pool deck are optional, and may be worn at the discretion of the swimmer and/or their parents.

Swimmers wearing masks to the block should bring with them a Ziplock bag with their name on it to place the mask in during their swim. These will be held in a basket by the blocks until after their swim is complete. FOST will provide runners, as necessary, to usher bags to the swimmers upon completion of their event.

Parents will be allowed to enter the pool deck to watch their swimmers, however will be asked to leave the pool deck upon completion of their swimmers events to maintain social distancing for all individuals. We will respectfully request that parents do not “camp” on the pool deck.

There will be specific entrance and exit gates set up for the swimmers/parents, and

The Ready Bench will be modified for effective social distancing.

Heats will be lined up at the blocks maintaining social distancing.

Number of volunteers on deck will be reduced (e.g. 2 timers and 1 scribe, less Stroke & Turn officials).

Sanitizer will be provided at locations around the pool deck for use by swimmers and/or volunteers.

Concessions will be located outside the pool area in our normal area.

Parents will setup in the normal areas from past years. Visiting teams will setup under the pavilion.

Self-Screening and Considerations PRIOR to coming to the FOST Pool

Prior to coming to the pool for any activity, everyone (swimmers, parents, guardians, volunteers) should self-screen by answering the following questions. If one answered YES to ANY question below, that person must not come to the pool:

Do I feel sick in any way, dizzy, have a cough, have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?

Do I have a fever, sore throat, chills, headache, loss of taste or smell or diarrhea?

Have I been in close contact with anyone known to have tested positive for COVID-19?

In Case of Positive Case

If a visiting swimmer receives a positive COVID-19 test result within 7 days of our meet, please notify Brian Mehok (FOST Team Rep) via email. The swimmer’s group will be notified of a case, but your personal information will not be shared.

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