2020 Swim Season

    Dear FOST Families,

    The NWAL( Northwest Aquatic League)  Board and Division Reps held a meeting last night 4/14 to discuss the upcoming season. Topics discussed were the CDC guidelines , School Districts, State, and County mandates as well as the insurance cost for NWAL($100K). The topic of NWAL receiving a full or partial refund on the insurance was one of the factors that was discussed. Also discussed was the uncertainty/improbability of being able to swim in May/June (all Harris County pools are closed until further notice).

    It was determined that it was "an all or nothing" when considering if we move forward and wait out the COVID 19 situation. There were 21 divisions including NWAL Board members that voted. The vote was 19-3 in favor of CANCELING the season to protect the health of the swimmers, families, and communities.

    While this is heartbreaking news, everyone’s health and safety are especially important to our community.

    If you have paid online, you will receive a reimbursement from our treasurer.

    The FOST board will continue to meet and look for opportunities for a social event at a later time when large gatherings are allowed.

    We hope to see all our families back in the water for a great 2021 season.

    As always, if you have any questions please contact a board member.

    FOST Board

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