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Volunteers Needed

We can not run our swim meets without our parent volunteers!

2022 Volunteer Information

Volunteer deposit of $250 is required at the time of registration

The Barracuda swim team does not want to deposit your volunteer deposit check.  What we really NEED is your help volunteering during the swim season.

We require all families complete a certain number of volunteer sessions. Once registration is complete, we can determine the exact number of volunteer hours required.  Once a session has begun it must be completed, even in the event of a delay, for the session to count towards the requirement.

The Volunteer sessions will be available for signup through the website. Click  here for a quick tutorial on how to sign up.

Some of the most often needed positions are listed below:

  1. Meet Setup/Tear down
  2. Timer/Scribe
  3. Meet Runner
  4. Concessions
  5. Heat bench workers
  6. Data entry

Volunteer sessions are gathered on a per family basis so the entire family can help fulfill the volunteer requirements throughout the season. The only restrictions are that all volunteers must be high school age or older and a single family can only attain 1 session per week.

If the family completes the volunteer requirement, the original check will be shredded at the end of the season. 

If you have any question please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, at fost.volunteer-coord@fostbarracudas.org

Parent Volunteers

To run a swim team and especially the swim meets we need parent volunteers from EVERY family to help with a variety of activities. Most require no prior training, just your time and cooperation. Please help support your team.

The success of our team requires the support and dedication of it's coaches swimmers AND their parents. As a non-profit organization, FOST events are dependent upon the parents of our swimmers working together to maintain a standard of excellence.

(VOLUNTEERS, we will post links to what you have signed up for here, so check back later to remind yourself of how you will be helping your team.) 

We have many functions that require parent participation and could not be run without your help. There are many volunteer positions needed to run this team, it's team socials and each swim meet. Positions are available for a variety of talents; a brief description of some of the ways to support your team is listed here:

TIMER VOLUNTEERS: Timers determine each swimmer's event time using a stopwatch. This year, two Timers are used per lane, one from one team and one from the other team.  

SCRIBE VOLUNTEERS: Scribes work with the Timers and record the times of swimmers in their lane. One Scribe is required per lane. Each team will require 6 Scribes per meet; two shifts of 3 Scribes. Shift one is normally from the 1st event through event 42 and then shift two is event 43 through event 80.

ASSISTANT COMPUTER OPERATORS: Operators help the Clerk of Course input swimmer times during the meets, as well as preparing reports and swimmer time sheets.

TEAM MOMS / DADS: (by age group) Team Moms/Dads help gather the younger swimmers in a particular boy/girl age group and takes them to the heat benches for their events at ALL swim meets. They are responsible for finding a replacement parent if they cannot be at a swim meet.

SET UP: Set up of starting blocks, lane ropes, tents, concessions area, bleachers, etc. on the Friday evening before HOME meets. Normally about 2 hours.
TEAR DOWN: Put away starting blocks, lane ropes, tents, concessions area, bleachers, etc. when the meet ends on the Saturday. Normally about 1 hour.

RIBBON WRITERS: Ribbon writers put stickers, with the names of the place winners, on the back of the ribbons. This is done during the meet in the computer area.

RUNNERS: Collects blank swimmer time sheets from the computer area and delivers them to the Scribes for official times to be recorded on them. Then collects and delivers completed time sheets back to the computer area.

ANNOUNCER: Makes announcements as requested by the Clerk of Course and Referee, gives team scores, and informs swimmers of which events are coming up. Home meets only.

HEAT BENCHES: In charge of positioning swimmers on heat benches and moving them to the starting blocks in sequence. (2 volunteers per shift for home meets; 1 volunteer per shift for away meets.)

WATER RUNNERS: Keeps water and lemonade coolers filled and hands out drinks to volunteers, officials and coaches around the poolside.

CONCESSION HELPERS: Help with selling food items and collecting money in the concessions area. Home meets only.

For more information on how you can support your team by being a parent volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

NWAL Officials

As well as Parent Volunteers the team can only function if we also have NWAL Officials!
For more information on how you can support your team by being an NWAL Official, please contact our NWAL Rep.

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