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Board Candidates


2022 FOST Board Candidates Needed

Board Member Candidates

Please contact a Board Member or the Head Coach if you are interested in taking up a Board position.
If more than 3 people volunteer then an election is held, normally during the end-of-season party.

Board Member Roles & Duties

Forest Oaks Swim Team is managed by the FOST Board, which consists of 9 Board Members.
The Head Coach provides additional and valuable input to the Board and may also attend the Board meetings.



Primary Duties

Secondary Duties *


- Manage the Board Meetings
- Coordinate with FOSRC
- Sign-up of Coaches

- Update the Handbook
- Update the Website

- Manage the Bank Account and all Monies
- Create the Budget
- Track all Monies in Quicken
- Reconcile Quicken against the Bank Statements
- Produce Budget and Transaction Reports
- File IRS Forms
- Organize the Team's PO Box


- Minute all Meetings and Distribute
- Book Meeting Room
- Book Pool and Clubhouse for Team Events

- Manage Accessory Special Orders
- Sign-up of NWAL Officials

- Team Rep.
- Attend NWAL Meetings
- Report on NWAL Meetings
- Ensure NWAL Officials are Trained

- Sign-up of NWAL Officials

- Purchase Meet Ribbons
- Research Team Accessories & Spirit Items
- Order forms needed for registration
- Organize Photographer for Practice Meet

Volunteer Coordinator.

- Sign-up of Parent Volunteers
- Manage the Volunteers During Meets

- Sign-up of NWAL Officials
Public Relations

- Season Flyers, School Flyers & Water Board Flyer
- Advertise Team in HOA's Newsletter
- Create In-Season News Letters
- Organize End-of-Season Trophies
- Make Team & Sponsor Banners

- Sign-up of NWAL Officials
- Sign-up Team Sponsors


- Purchase Food, Drinks & Ice for Concessions
- Organize Parents to Make Concessions Items
- Manage Concessions During the Meet

- Organize Team Socials

- Research, Purchase and Repair Team Equipment
- Transport Equipment to Away Meets

- Sign-up Team Sponsors

* A secondary duty may be undertaken by any Board Member depending upon who wishes to manage the duty.

A Board Member’s term is 3 years and each year 3 Board Members retire.

This ensures that we can start a new season with 6 experienced Board Members, who can impart their knowledge to the 3 new Board Members.

The Board's season begins each September and meets once a month. During May and June (the actual swim season) the Board will meet as needed. 

Prospective Board members must have volunteered extensively through out the season in several different positions, including but not limited to setup and tear down for meets, timing, concessions and data entry. 


Please contact a Board Member if you have any questions.


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