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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does my child have to be a good swimmer?

No. However, because we compete, we do require a basic swimming ability. Our minimum requirement is for your swimmer to be able to safely swim 25 meters (one length of the pool) without assistance. Our team is made up of swimmers of all ages and skill levels and our coaches will work with all swimmers to teach them new strokes, and improve the ones they already know.

Does FOST provide swim lessons?

Yes! Barracuda Splash is a great learn to swim program for new swimmers.  For more information see our Barracuda Splash page. 

Do we need any special equipment?

A team suit is strongly encouraged for all swimmers, and is available from Southwest Swim Shop, however they aren't required. Swim caps are also encouraged for swimmers with long hair and goggles are a must for all swimmers. For more details please review our accessories information.

Is it fun?

YES! Swim team is a great way to watch your child improve their skills and self esteem!  Additionally, it is a terrific way to meet new neighbors and friends and a great opportunity for your child to "hang out" with their friends. We have several team socials during the season. Watch out for team socials information during the swim season.

How often do you practice?

Practices are held in May and June every weekday. For more details please review our practice schedule.

Can I speak with the Coaches?

Yes. Our Coaches are very open to talking with all swimmers and parents. However, we do ask that you wait until after practices are over. This allows the coaches to concentrate on the swimmers. Click here for coach contact information or leave a note in the coaches mail box, at the pool, and the coaches will contact you after practice is over.

How often are the swim meets?

The meets are on consecutive Saturdays, starting with the Practice Meet in mid-May followed by 5 Dual Meets. For more details please review our meet schedule. The optional Invitational Meets are the last scheduled meets of the season.

Do we have to go to the swim meets?

While it is not mandatory it is very strongly encouraged. It is at the meets where the swimmers get to appreciate being a part of the team and where they really get to shine. Plan on attending all meets and watch your child improve and impress both themselves and you on a weekly basis. 

Do I have to help?

YES! Our team survives and thrives on volunteer help. Over 90 parent positions need to be filled at each meet. None of the jobs are difficult, and all require minimal time. We know you are there to see your child swim, and we promise that no matter the job, watching your child swim will be the most important thing you do on Saturday morning! For more details please review our parent volunteer information and our NWAL Officials information.

What does it cost?

Our Registration Fee for the 2024 summer is $150 per swimmer if registered by April 7.  Non-members of FOSRC pay a fee of $10 per family and must fill out an application to  allow the swimmers on the team to use the FOSRC pool during swim team events (practices, meets, team socials, etc...).

 Please contact a Board Member if you have any questions.

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