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Coaches Corner

Hello Barracuda swimmers & families!

Coach Jessica here! I wanted to start off by saying how incredibly proud I am of every single one of you for the performance and sportsmanship I saw exhibited during the meet against the Woodlands Riptides! The team areas were left clean, swimmers were respectfully waiting in the water for their competitors to finish their races, and there were MASSIVE improvements in times and technique! Way to go!

There are a couple of things I would like to remind you (parents) of as we head into the away meet this weekend!

ENTRIES: If you declare your swimmer not attending, there is absolutely no way we can get them into the meet, even if they will be able to attend, because the merging of entries happens early every Thursday before the meet. 

If there is a chance they may be able come to the meet, please choose the events your athlete would like to compete in (it is always easier to scratch). Any undeclared athletes with events not chosen, will be swimming the events chosen by the coaches in the late night hours of Wednesday/early morning Thursday.

RELAYS: please let us know, either in a note in the entry section or immediately upon arrival at the meet, if the athlete will be unable to stay for the duration of the meet or will be arriving late etc. Relays are huge point earners for us so we want to be able to enter as many as possible! With that being said, we are limited to only 3 relays (A,B,C) for each age group, so if your child cannot be in one please let us know and we will have to shift things around to give as many swimmers the opportunity to be on a relay as we are able. The relay participants are chosen based on competition times to give every group the best chance of scoring points that we can give them!

This week we are focusing on technique (as always) and also adding in more meterage and aerobic training to help our swimmers be able to finish their races stronger! I will see you all at practice!

-Coach Jess

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