Hi team,

We are still short some volunteer shifts.  We can't run this meet with out you.  

We still need various positions through out the meet.  

If you have already signed up for one slot, and are willing to do another one, your name will go in the drawing for volunteers at the end of the season.  Prizes include:  $100 gift card, free registration for 1 kid in 2023, and a few more to be announced.  

This meet is a combination of all 6 teams in our division.  All the teams we swam against on Saturdays.  We have to do our part in order for the meet to run smooth AND ON TIME!

Volunteer positions are in the air conditioning!!!  And where all the action is.  

WE always come through in the end - but you sure like cutting it close to the wire!  LOL

Thank you


PS - if we still don't have all the shifts filled - I will be walking around and having to be the big ole mean volunteer lady - and we all know I don't like doing that.

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